Saturday, February 12, 2011

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require some moments of courage

A glance and a smile, which slow down the time. From hundredths to be seconds, minutes and seconds from the moment seems to be eternity. The sight of the other shaken their own world so deep, that only seems to be out for two. The hustle and bustle of everyday life and its problems and worries fade away at that moment. Everything is quiet and you hear only his own heart as it begins to beat faster. The senses begin to rob the mind. The coolest realist is thrown off course. It is towards you, with the biggest cynic will elicit a smile.
One would think that this is the beginning of a great love story, but he is not. It is only a snapshot, which could start creating a love.

What in this article is really about, the lack of courage is risking something. Sometimes you have to be brave and just want to his feelings. How often does it happen that two people may be in the same way and neither of them dares to reveal his feelings. So they both consider sympathetic, maybe some think they were friends, but they actually do something else.
And then the crucial moment pass. The part ways, and each still at odds with himself whether he can simply let the other go like this. But lack the courage not to let it go this way.

It's not too rare to does not dare to stand by someone just for the reason, because one's opinion of the outside world seems important.
why many think is so important that others?
It helps because when others are happy and unhappy one yourself?
Or where is the purpose behind it, if others have a happy and satisfied and think this one is not?
It makes no sense. You have to know yourself what makes you happy. And if it is a person that others can not perceive in this way, how to do it myself, and this makes you happy It can one be indifferent to what others think! Do not allow

discourage shows fighting spirit and his own life to live this way, one finds that his personal little luck - this needs to be understood.
Nobody knows what's coming tomorrow, but one - whether today is the last chance to make a difference. So you should act now and not postpone indefinitely and to wear down in doubt.

There are decisions you must take alone. Outsiders can never understand what is really between two people. No one can do that only These two know that and that's a good thing. Therefore, others should never remove the right to assess the interpersonal relationship of two and perhaps even try to evaluate.

addiction your happiness on your way. Be brave but not foolish to ask you not to one day have " What would have happened if I had married me? For today, I know: What would have happened already bad to get out of clarity? And found even the happiness of my life to have? Maybe ... .

all love.

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